Hey, I'm Sami "Rampager/Samikay" Kilani - Gamer, programmer, and (a way off from those two) game developer, pretty much in that order.

I'm probably most not well known for my Futurama youtube video. Started working on a full quote collection over here!

You can contact me at sami@skilani.com

I work at Remember The Milk. It's pretty awesome.

I used to be a part of Oceanic eSports. We hosted BarCrafts and tournaments for the Australian SC2 scene :)

Gaming History

Led a semi-competitive Enemy Territory team named Victory Flawless.

WoW: Wowprogress (Fun Vanilla screenshot on patchwerk).

DotA2: Dotabuff

My Best Games Ever Made Ranking List

  1. DotA2
  2. Rocket League
  3. World of Warcraft
  4. Binding of Isaac
  5. Warcraft 3

Ranks 6 -> 20 will change depending on when you ask me... But here it is in no particular order:

Story Time

GameArena ET:QW - This close to $10,000

Some time after ET's lifespan was nearing it's end, the sequel to ET was released titled ET:Quake Wars, and it's premiere event in Australia was a $10,000 tournament. vF. was still around and kicking, so we put together a team. The rules of the competition stated you could only have 8 players on a team, and the number of players you needed to field a full team was 8. If you didn't have your 8 registered players show up on the day of the match, you would forfeit no questions asked. Naturally, this was a pretty terrible idea by the organisers, and in the end only 8 teams signed up for the tournament. We went up against UNT in the first round, they forfeited. Quarterfinals round was against Ethereal, they were our equals at the time, they also forfeited. Our semi-final round was against Regiments of Khaos ( [RoK]. ), an extremely well respected team with lots of FPS gaming history and serious competitors to boot, they fielded a full team and we played some good games with vF. winning (yeah we did, my boys!)

So this was it, we were in the finals of a $10,000 tournament. I potentially had $1.25k right in front of me at the ripe age of 15 for playing video games, could such a dream come true? Oh, and second place got nothing. Literally nothing, not even the common peripheral rewards there usually are for such tournaments. We buckled down and practiced feeling ready to take on the finals versus Nesreca. Nesreca was the strongest team at the time without a doubt, and had beat the third best team Sequential Gaming in the semi-finals of their bracket. It's worth noting that the rules only allowed Australians to play, and so the second best team in Oceania (SkullZ`, a predominately New Zealand team) was unable to play. It was going to be tough going up against Nesreca but we had dat passion, we were ready.

The night of the finals came, and one of our players couldn't' make it so... we forfeited. Well, that's the end of that tale. It was pretty clear we weren't going to win though, Nesreca had an amazing squad. Both teams got to the finals having only played one match overall, so no love lost really, it was a poor tournament :P